Party Business Podcast: A One Ring RPG Actual Play

Ep 19 Rise of the Goblin Beater: Tales from the Wilderland

August 1, 2022

Our geeky fellowship prepares for their first Journey using full 2nd edition rules. And funny enough, 2nd edition of The One Ring RPG doesn't actually help you roll better! 

The group, and Thakhid especially, must deal with a growing darkness that is making itself known more and more. They seek the wisdom of a wizard to help them with the answers to their questions. 

And Rhori can't stop bragging about his new last name. What was it again? Goblin...something...

Join this One Ring RPG actual play podcast as we finish the Yule Felloship and start the next adventure! We will talk through the mechanics of the 2nd edition of The One Ring RPG as we play since we are fully converted to 2e now! 

Also, be sure to visit our site to geek out over 2nd edition One Ring RPG rules and Lord of the Rings lore at


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